Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Nah nah naaaah nah, nah nah naah nuh

How catchy is the music on that Home Building Society advert with the mini cooper s'. I've had it in my head all day!
Sing with me!

Nah nah naaaah nah, nah nah naah nuh, na na naaah naaah nuna, nah naah nah nah!! repeat!

Plus the lyrics are almost as good as Mmm Bop.
Anyway, the good news is that I'm doing ok at school. the bad news being it's scary that there's only 4 weeks left of it really before mocks, study, TEE, what the hell then, etc.

So on that note I was writing my OSP for drama, the big final important tasky baby, and I need people who read this' contribution:
What is a song that is perfectly normal usually, and not normally connected with Satan, that when put into a serial killing and satan worshipping context, becomes infinately evil?

best one wins a signed photo of me!
Or the mexican orphan of their choice.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo.

Bah. Ordered to post by an inferior. What could be more embarassing. Doing so? oh!? you think that do you? Well I don't. Fuck you too. get out of my house. Yes i'm aware it's your house! there's just no reasoning with some people. Especially yourself.

So who's heard the great new Bloodhound Gang song "Foxtrot Uniform Charlie Kilo" ? I have! they played it on triple J the other night. Man.... the bloodhound gang takes me back. Remember when we were all in year 6 or so, and we used to know all the words to that great "you and me baby aint nothing but mammals" song? it was so obscene but you weren't truly 11 if you didn't go to a social where that song was played and be so afraid to talk to a member of the opposite sex that you convinced yourself cooties must have basis in truth.
Their new song is just a beautifully rude, packing as many new sexual inuendos into 3 verses as was previously deemed humanly impossible. Pork Steeple and Bitch Wrinkle are now my two favorite genital euphamisms.

Good news! Gus #4 is finished and I just came back from Officeworks with them shining fresh from the presses. Which takes the total of pages in this irrelevant, immature and highly amusing series over the 160 mark! This issue is a whopping 48 pages, so I feel exhausted. it toook wayyyyy too long to produce. I'm 19 pages into issue #5 already tho, so that should be out around december/january.
If anyone wants to buy a copy they're $2.50, and can be bought most easily thru me, and if you don't see me, or don't know me, through phase two comics, which can be accessed via the link on the right. Gus won't be there for a week or so obviously. You don't need a credit card or anything to buy thru them, so it's fantastic for us nobodies.

i gtg. dinner is spilt all over the kitchen and i gotta clean up and cook. :(
i will talk more soon.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Flippy nouveau rap-rod.

I love my mum.
She picked up my clothes off the floor, and just on that circumstantial evidence alone assumed they were dirty. ON FLOOR DOES NOT MEAN DIRTY. If they were dirty, i would have put them in the laundry basket or done the washing, wouldn't i have?
Anyways, inside said clothes lay my mobile phone, and it got a little damp. Just like Banda Aceh got a tad damp. So it's more fucked than jenna jameson.

So I had the fun, expensive and unwanted experience of buying a new mobile phone today, becuase my insurence company says water + phone = no $$$.

My new one is this :

And it was the only decent one there under a hundred bucks becuase i'm really not very rich at all. In fact now that i bought that phone I have under $10 left in my bank account.

Anyway, it doesn't have a camera like my old one, or a radio, or the other cool stuff, but it does have a colour screen, and plyphonics, and a cool flippy businessman style so I can pretend i'm better than i actually am.

Best of all, now i can make calls and send messages and recieve them again! I'm no longer communicationally retarded!
Note to me: always remove new snazzy phone before removing old snazzy pants.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Killing me loudly... with his gong.

When it gets down to pun blog titles you know you're in trouble. Maybe I should write a self help book and start voting Republican.

Top 5 reasons why I should logically be worshipped by you:
5) I'm hotter than you. Easily. No question.
4) Some people say I resemble John Lennon when i wear my circle sunglasses, and people thought John Lennon looked like Jesus when he had a beard.
3) I own 2 cacti
2) My shit dont stank.
1) Has anyone ever REALLY presented you with a better option?

Did you know Elvis had a pet kangaroo? That is soooo rather cool. When I'm a ridiculously dressed celebrity I'm gonna have to find myself a unique animal pet. Like I am sooo jealous of Michael Jackson's Bubbles monkey. Apart from the millions of dollars and property, that is the only aspect of Michael Jackson i feel jealousy towards. And how Angelina Jolie has those little ethiopian children as pets, that's creative! I have decided though, to get a Jaguar. the animal kind, not car. Then I can stroke it whilst sitting on my throne in my skull cave and make it brutally maul anybody who lowers the sexiness rating around their 20m radius.

Out of interest, if you had a racehorse, what would you name it? I've been thinking about it and I'm really not sure. It has to be short and catchy, but funny, and they often have 2 word names.
Off the top of my head, my 5 current race horse names:
5) Whining Badger
4) Spanking Paris
3) Remediality
2) Ride me Harder
1) Neigh

well, i'm spent. I need some desert, so i'm off to surf other people's better written and more influential blogs. I'm also going to dance to this great groovy song that just came on, GET it NOW
It's called Alice May, by Andy Clockwise, and you can download it free and legal from the triple j website.

sex and cookies (hopefully not too closely together, uncomfy) to all of you.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

And for my sins, they gave me one.

And way out in seattle
Young Kurt Cobain
Snuck out to the greenhouse, put a bullet in his brain
Snakes in the grass beneath our feet
Rain in the clouds above
Some moments last forever, and some flare out with love, love, love.
-The Mountain Goats
If you don't own a copy of The Sunset Tree by the mountain goats, i highly recommend you go out and track a copy down for purchase this very instant.
If you do own one, stop reading this irrelevant banter and go listen to it loudly through your headphones in the dark.
In other news, I found a monologue for drama scary exam eep no more school to do, and it's from this welsh play called Flowers of the Dead Red Sea, by Edward Thomas. It's a very, very tight and thought provoking play, and if you can find a script on the net, it's a great read, purely for the absurdist elements in a realistic setting-context. It also some great metaphorical lines, and smooth subject changes (as absurdism tends to) my favorite being: "The strong white horse of General Good, the angry stallion of progress, he will not be denied."
I also started drafing my OSP, but since I want to play a serial killer my writing starts to physcially scare me after a while, and i had to stop. It's gonna be twisted methinks. There's a huge swarm of serial killer cut-n-paste on my new computer now, and not much else, so if I die suddenly, and the cops raid my hard drive, they're in for a big surprise.
I'm reading this stupid science fiction book Dune. it's supposed to be like one of the greatest most famous amazing sagas ever written worthy or praise beyond tolkein but it sucks desert balls in my not so damn humble opinion. The hero is too heroic and the villain too evil. It's just unbelivable verbose trash written by a guy with better knowledge of science and biology than narrative technique and quick, witty prose. of course it's comprehensive, but so much so that I want to lift him up by the multiple appendices and give him a good kick in the prologues.
my mobile phone went thru the wash today, so until I can claim or get some kind of new thing, I'll not be contactable by that method. also it pisses me off.
Well, i'm gonna sleep off my demons, and hopefully regain them with reinforcments tomorrow morning.
respect and kindness.
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