Saturday, June 25, 2005

Rightiright. Real Horrorshow.

It's been too long since I've done this. But, My computer was in transit while we got broadband so now I'm happy and can do this every day for eternity.

Well, the big news of today is that it's the final day for our production of A Clockwork Orange, and with 4 shows down and 2 to go, i'm getting sad. It was fun. If you've never experienced the feeling of walking offstage to rapturous applause, i would highly reccomend it. It's like being tickled with hundred dollar bills.

Also in my life, I did the 24 hour comic challenge again this year, and my entry can be found here if it interests thee:

I cannot stay long, I'll try and type more in the holidays coming up, yes, that'll be nice. BUT! suffice to say that I got Get Behind Me Satan and its soooo good. Jack White is constantly impressive. He can actually churn out basic, raw sounds that continue to sound catchy and dark, arrogant rock with nothing to hide though. It's very very good. I'll try and review it track by track after some more listens, but my favorites right now are The Denial Twist and Take, Take, Take, for Jack's subtle comparison of himself to Rita Hayworth and a final explanation as to why he keeps referring to "rita" throughout the other tracks.
I also just picked up Under Blackpool Lights, the white stripes dvd, and X&Y, the new colplay release.... tracks 4 and 13 are the best of that one. I also think Hotel Yorba live is just magic. So is Jolene. Jack and Meg are doing what I wish I was doing right now - sitting on a back catalogue so sexy that it almost hurts.

I'm also loving Nick Drake right about now, but that can wait.
I must brunch and prepare to take to the boards once again. I love my life.

For those suckers who aren't me, JEALOUSIFY NOW!
luv, Tones.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Foo Fighters feel like fadge fudge.

I'm not such a huge fan of their new album as you can gather. On the upside, new White Stripes album rocks! It's artistically brilliant, filled with nuances, their ever-present catchiness and a new sense of experimentation. Also Meg drums half-decently this time methinks. She clearly bought 6 new cymbals.
Sadly, I haven't had the chance to purchase it yet what with our delightful trading hours and my not so delightful working hours, but come saturday there will be much review posting here.

EXAMS ARE OVER! No more goddam exams, all my marks are back, it's a clean slate! I have half a year to make all those numbers good, and then WHAM! we're in for a fine summer of working my ass off for money. I only have 13 weeks left of school ever, and the prospect is scaring me. If not arousing me. Hell, everything arouses me these days, i'm so socially demented becuase of this stupid year i'd go Rosanne Barr. Well... maybe not... but hyperbole is effective.
With a little work, the new play that I'm working on called Car will be forming itself together by the end of the year too, and I'm gonna try and force my band to play at least one show before Scaifey nicks of to the land of the warm beer for a year. How scary.
Right now though, my plans chiefly involve listening to the White Album and working on my art project which is really, really, really overdue.

I love you all and apologise repeatedly for my lax upkeep of this place. It will happen, just.... in the loving warm and distant future. That place is my friend.
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