Monday, October 08, 2007

She cried: More, More More!

Moregasm: A climax that is either so unsatisfactory or so amazing it demands further stimulation.

Floorgasm: Climax/Sex so good you fall out of bed, off sofa, off table or just plain fall over.

Boregasm: He’s into it, she’s pretty much already asleep.

Snoregasm: Dream comes.

Fourgasm: A mythical theoretical moment in which both the female and male simultaneously experience clitoral, shaft penile and dual g-spot orgasm. One of the lesser known signs of the apocalypse. The good apocalypse.

Clawgasm: So good the fingernails dig way into the back.

Strawgasm: Thin dick, still works.

Lawgasm: A climax that cost you a lot physically and emotionally, took forever, and leaves you feeling dissatisfied with the very avenue you employed to find fulfillment..

Poorgasm: Cheap creaky spring bed.

Jawgasm: You get that mouth cramp feeling from having it open too long in pleasure.

Gnawgasm: Effective cunniligus.

Boargasm: Sure they’re hairy and bristly and kinda smelly, but you take whatever gets you off.

Yoregasm: The traditional, the nostalgic, the timeless old fashioned O.

Backdoorgasm: The end.
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